May 31, 2018

In my final weeks at BIA, I took the time to reflect on my meaningful journey with BIA. 

Over the course of two decades, BIA has witnessed countless changes in the delivery of ABA services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Who funded it? Who could provide it? And, what approach was “the right one”? Through it all, our crew weathered the changing landscape together.  We held steadfast to the belief that if we could continue to provide the following;

  •      Rigorous hands on training of direct service level staff, robust supervision from experienced staff, achieve low turnover and generate parent involvement.
  •      A range of expertise from individuals with backgrounds ranging from behavior modification to clinical psychology, communication and education.
  •      A commitment to embracing all evidence-based behavioral approaches from visual supported teaching practices to verbal behavior models and employing the           approach/s that best suits each child.

Then, we would stay the course, and continue our commitment to embracing each child's potential.

In adhering to these core values, BIA has earned a reputation for exceptionally personalized services. That BIA operates as a not-for-profit is truly rare for an organization providing intensive behavioral services to children with ASD. Yet, without the funds raised each year, we could not offer families the materials and toys needed to conduct in-home ABA services, scholarships for after school and summer camp programs and extra clinical support when needed.  I am exceptionally proud to have both founded and worked with an organization that can offer these vital resources and possess such an enormous wealth of clinical expertise.

I leave BIA in the hands of a truly exceptional team of clinicians, fully committed to taking this organization into the future.